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Blockchain Security For dApps and Ecosystems

Follow Jul 27, 2018 · 2 mins read
Blockchain Security For dApps and Ecosystems
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Komodo Blockchain Security comes from the technical innovation called delayed Proof-of-Work (dPoW).  This happens when the network is notarized to the bitcoin blockchain, which currently has the strongest/highest proof-of-work hashrate (computations).  The blockchain security offered by Komodo is not limited to bitcoin – if there is another technology that trumps bitcoin’s public network security, then Komodo can easily make changes to it’s Notarization Network run by Notary Nodes.

Independent blockchains can get this level of security – whether they come from the Komodo ecosystem or not.  In the case of the GameCredits project, they were repeatedly facing issues of 51% attacks on their network.  Details of a 51% attack are available from Komodo’s website as they describe how their blockchain security technology helps.

Cross Blockchain Security

Non-Komodo Blockchain Security

GameCredits was the first non-KMD blockchain to seek the services of the Komodo notarization process to secure their blockchain.  GameCredits is a fork of bitcoin, which was fortunate because the other bitcoin based blockchain that achieves the same level of security is the CHIPS project (a side project of Komodo).  The implementation of this feature into the GameCredits code was already carried out – although not byte-for-byte, but the general blockchain security strategy already proved to work.

The changes in the code are shown in this pull request on github.  If you have a project in a similar need of security, these are your first steps as a blockchain developer.  If you are a member of the blockchain project’s community – start with this page and information to other Komodo resources.

Independent Blockchains of the Komodo Ecosystem (Assetchains)

There will come a day when everyone will want their own blockchain – well not literally but many businesses and services that are found online today will have some kind of blockchain integration as some kind of verifiability layer.

The mechanism is built into these blockchains and only requires setting up in the notary network as well as some funding to pay for notarization (transaction) costs.  Piggybacking off Komodo’s dPoW, within 20 minutes your own blockchain ecosystem of apps, assets, exchanges and smart contracts can be as secure as the bitcoin network.

If you would like to experiment with Komodo technology, there is currently a project to make it easier for testing.  A user friendly tool is in development.  However at the time of this blog post, I can only offer you to wait for a docker image to “press play” on in the coming weeks as I work with the CHIPS lightning network in a similar way.

Use Komodo right now and don’t wait for the easy deployment tools?

You will need to be comfortable with installing Ubuntu.  Once you have a copy running on your computer, VPS, Virtual Machine etc. just follow these build instructions for your first steps in protecting yourself with Komodo’s blockchain security!

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