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Community Based Internet Access using Cryptocurrency

Follow Jan 04, 2018 · 1 min read
Community Based Internet Access using Cryptocurrency
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One of many projects that exist but don’t get the attention of the wider population is community based internet access using cryptocurrency.  A colleague on the komodo team referred me to these topics in a quick conversation:

  • Althea, an incentivised internet access project
  • Friefunk, community internet

The incentivisation is simple:  allow others to connect to your internet and get rewarded.  The software platforms involved allow for privacy.  As dApps gain usage, more and more use-cases will present themselves as handy, fairer, more accessible alternatives.

Any enquiries for research and development, please contact me via this form for an introduction to the SuperNET’s Spacemesh team within the Komodo Platform Cryptocurrency Project.

Thanks for reading, the future is bright!

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