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Create a blockchain project – from zero to hero

Follow Jul 30, 2018 · 1 min read
Create a blockchain project – from zero to hero
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This is a note for a future doc on howto create a blockchain project which can be expanded on later.

  1. Run komodod with your chain parameters
  2. Your chain data is kept in ~/.komodo/CHAINNAME
  3. You need an icon for your wallet
  4. You need to know your chain parameters for the wallet
  5. You need to know what information to provide for inclusion in the DEX network
  6. Secure your blockchain project you create to bitcoin hashrate for best security

Other things to note are, what type of project is it – will it be a community project or a permissioned project for enterprise style of usage.

Here’s a short of youtube video / podcast the Komodo Pioneers did with Komodo Team Member “@Alright”

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