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dApps in the d-economy – Decentralized Nurses

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dApps in the d-economy – Decentralized Nurses
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In the coming age of decentralization, programmable money and the d-economy, machine to machine services will trade their value autonomously and quickly.  What about people?  Currently nearly all services consumed and produced work in a centralised manner.  This post is about a project for decentralized nurses.

My first business was nurse call integration with the private telephony networks to more efficiently enable nurses to receive paging messages from their patients.  As a patient, you would press a button to get the nurse to come to attend to your needs.  This business was short lived – I quickly found the lead time between quoting, system delivery and payment to be a challenge to entrepreneurial survival.

What is left of that endeavour is the source code, although the history of development is lost.  The last snapshot from around 2006 exists.  This has been retrieved from a backup and the nurse call integration source code has been posted to GitHub.

Nurse call integration source code

Decentralized Nurses – Evolution of Nursepaging {.p1}

A short time ago on the Komodo Platform reddit, a user enquired about what dApps will be built on it – to which I responded with the idea of evolving the old nurse paging business with some prototypes and some fund raising to get the project to market.

Independence of Aged Parents {.p1}

Modern society has changed over the past decades where the baby boomer generation want to retain their independence – this means more people are aging in their own homes rather than aged care residences.  This may put a little extra pressure on friends and family to provide more care and an interdependence to maintain a quality of life.  This is where technology can play a nice complementary role.

Midwives and Pregnancy {.p1}

Taking notes during a pregnancy and assisting during a process I know little about is what midwives do.  What I am sure about is most midwives find the administration of their job the most stressful.  Be it using computers and devices they know nothing about at a technical level or merely sitting down to research, communicate or type up reports and recommendations.

dApps for Decentralized Nurses {.p1}

Technology has changed a lot since my first business.  The IT people of the places I installed my software, if they had an IT person, didn’t even have LANs or fixed internet.  My maintenance was done over remote modem sessions.  What we now have available are online services that convert voice to text, mobile devices that are more powerful than the systems I used to sell and applied maths in the form of blockchain solutions.

The two examples above, aged parents and midwives are the primary solutions to the first steps in making dApps for Nurses.  They will be prototyped using Komodo Platform’s scalable and secure blockchain in combination with mobile apps and services built on IPFS (the decentralized web aka interplanetary file system).

This is the first announcement for this project/vision.

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