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Hi! My KMD Address for donations is: RWzqTpKuDDFE5GnUgd3u7NPZ1mvrNuAoVg

December 11: The WordPress PWA plugin mustn’t be registering the service worker to download stuff for offline viewing if you “Save this site to Home Screen”.

November 20: Moved site from dedicated server back to AWS EC2 because blockchain testing takes it’s toll on server resources, and no mining.

October 31: Added PWA plugin to the site – allows Android users to save this website as a progressive web app.

As at October 2017

this site is a simple wordpress blog.  it runs in a KVM guest (linux virtualisation) with 2GB RAM on a physical core-i7-2700 which has 16GB RAM.  the guest runs the plesk admin pro edition for hosting simplicity – for the die hard command line system administrators (like me), it saves a lot of time to dedicated to other tasks.

the host machine mines monero with spare (5 out of the 8 threads) cpu cycles which generate about 0.5 XMR every 3 months.  so if this site is slow, it’s because it doesn’t have advertising and i am mining on the server, not your browser.

the host machine has been a live playground for my kvm virtualisation interests.

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