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What is Crypto? Where to start in crypto

Follow Feb 24, 2018 · 1 min read
What is Crypto? Where to start in crypto
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What is Crypto?  It is not so simple to answer – it is like asking, “what is life?” or “what is fun?” or “what is scary?” – it is different things to different people.  There are facts, lies, fun, business and dreams.  Crypto spans finance, ecology, business, personal, law, numbers, images, text, messaging – there are no limits to the next version of networks.  The smart-grid will be powered by crypto.

The image for this blog post sets the basic layout of what I will try to cover over the next few months – spending 30 minutes every couple of days to try and cover the topics as they come up in random conversations I have with people I meet when crypto is brought up.

I currently describe my interest as “working online for a software project” because if I mention crypto, there aren’t enough minutes in the day to get each person up to speed on how good it is!

There are many guides for things like Saas startups, front-end engineering and great resources – for telephony. (Yes, I linked to the page in the book where my first open source project is referenced) The books on crypto that are available are probably a little more developer-centric – bitcoin & ethereum & smart contracts.

This year will see more changes in the form of standardisation, government regulations and even government issued currencies.  I have already covered a few items here about wallets, online communities and some other basic stuff about architecture – but it’s more for my own needs rather than for others to read.

Hopefully, like I mention in the about page, this information is useful to someone and that they take this power (because knowledge is power) and put it to good use!

This is not to be taken as financial advice – but I would seriously recommend looking at ways to transform your business into a smart business that is agile and moves with the changes.  For that, please refer to my business website for consulting in Australia and abroad.

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