looks like i’ve started this blog (imyloborg) to save cloning down-the-track (dtt) work solutions in places they shouldn’t go.  I can already foresee it saving confusion somehow, haha.

with the magic of the web, hopefully these bits find an appreciative person enlightening themselves with the skills and tools to get it done (gst), maybe something like this book, never read it – it’s got a catchy title.

i’m on github, linkedin, fb, twitter – not prolifically on them, but i’m on them.

my tech interests vary, but i’ve done most things after they’ve been done by someone else (except in a couple of instances early on where i learned a lot about the abstraction of the world through software).

i love not working, but if there’s pioneering or (re)imagination involved i enjoy working with good people possessing prosperous intentions and champion spirits.

willing to build a unicorn but making websites to pay bills and other full service consulting in the tech space including funding opportunities, start ups, relocations, web and hybrid mobile apps, hosting, cloud and blockchain development.