Accessing XVG Project & Verge Community

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Accessing XVG Project & Verge Community
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I am not involved with the XVG Project, but it’s mooning in December 2017 has been impressive with a 40x increase.    The market is (nonsensical) crazy, I think XVG is the biggest pump of 2017.  This post is a quick analysis about it’s accessibility and information about the project and what I perceive to be important.  I do not hold any XVG, but this post will focus on the positives.

XVG Project Information

  • Single page website with a couple of additional pages
    • XVG Project’s jekyll website sources are available on github
    • Mission is clear: Verge is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, built with a focus on privacy.
    • Exchanges are listed of where to trade verge – 21 ways of getting verge on centralised exchanges
    • Vendors that accept it indicates the XVG project is supportive of it’s adoption for commerce
    • Wallets are sorted by tabs into:
      • Preferred
      • Desktop
      • Mobile
      • Other
    • A simple roadmap
    • Developer resources & info about contributors
    • FAQ (in english) on it’s own page
    • P2P solutions on it’s own page
      • Twitter Tipping Bot
      • Telegram Tipping Bot
      • Discord Tipping Bot
    • Social informationXVG Project - Verge Social
      • Slack
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • BitcoinTalk
      • Reddit
      • Telegram
      • Verge Radio
      • Verge Discord
      • Email
      • LinkedIn
      • Instagram
      • Blog
      • IRC Chat
      • Steam
  • Github has plenty of resources for developers and enthusiasts to engage, even when the projects belong to others – they have been forked into the Verge github making a central spot for people to find useful stuff, presumably in use by community members
    • website sources
    • ccminer for mining verge
    • electrum wallet
    • docker verge daemon
  • Reddit subscribers are 20k+ with 15% onlineXVG Project - Verge Reddit
    • Very active, every post on the front page is within 24 hours, it is fresh
    • Excitement in the community on it’s 40x recent price rise as expected, 150% in last 24 hours (again!)
  • Developers not only can access the github repos, verge links to how to install rubygems as well as the github desktop – when more developers are using the same tools, it’s a more streamlined developer experience for onboarding new devs.
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