Digital Payment Solutions For Events

The blocnation product market fit is to provide digital payment solutions for events and other cross border industries.  I went to the subsonic music festival in 2017 and this was the problem I found was common to many of the current solutions event organisers have to choose from.

Problems with existing digital

  • Have to buy a wristband for one event
  • Have to load it with money with a transaction fee
  • Unable to transfer small amounts out of payment solution because of high transaction fees

Problems with travelling to an event in a foreign country

  • Currency conversion fees
  • Credit card fees

Blocnation solves this with digital payment solutions for events

  • Download the app
  • Sync the app with the reusable wristband
  • Load the app with blocnation credits (BNTN blockchain coins)
  • Trade unused BNTN back to your preferred currency on Komodo’s BarterDEX network

When you are the “seller” on the BarterDEX network, you pay no trading fee.  Even if you are the “buyer”, the fee is 0.15% and it goes to the maintainers of the network – the users!  This is in the form of DEX, REVS, JUMBLR coins that are native blockchains within the Komodo ecosystem.  BNTN is also one of these.

Creating a native blockchain solution to a business problem is exactly what PouchNation has done with their Blocnation project.  Their native blockchain is secured by Bitcoin’s enormous hashrate utilising Komodo’s Security Services – the delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) technology – an environmentally friendly innovation from Komodo to leverage Bitcoin’s infrastructure.  The same technology that can be used by aircraft software or a banking application – or a national currency.

Get Blocnation BNTN giveaways

How to get BNTN

  • Participate in the world’s first decentralised ICO (dICO).  No 3rd parties, no hackable contracts, just you and blocnation.  Download the dICO app to participate on April 17 – next week!
  • Enter the bounty campaigns (screenshot above):
    • Sign up for news +1 entry per day to win BNTN
    • Refer friends for +100 entries
    • Answer some questions from an article to learn more about the service +25 entries
    • Read the Blocnation whitepaper and answer ONE question +75 entries
    • Subscribe the /r/blocnation subreddit +50 entries
    • Join the blocnation telegram for daily giveaways and +50 entries
    • Retweet @komodoplatform for +25 entries
    • Follow @bloc_social for +10 entries
    • Sign up for email updates from Blocnation and Komodo Platform +50 entries

Exciting times in the bear market and ICO winter!

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