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DEX Altcoin Trading Base Pair To Bitcoin & Others

Follow Dec 19, 2017 · 1 min read
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When using a DEX altcoin trading platform or dApp, conversion from altcoin to bitcoin or fiat can be error prone. A simple table of your favourite trading pairs or trading tuples make things easier.

Until the next iteration of DEX Altcoin Trading that have better currency calculators, using the coinmarketcap tools menu from a coin’s detailed page on one single web page for easy perusal – especially if you’re always holding bitcoin.

Sample Crypto Trading Tool for DEX Altcoin Trading

When using the BarterDEX from the Komodo Platform, all prices in the orderbook are based in KMD.  Easy conversion, likely from integrated dApps (or programable mixins) in the near future will make for good crypto trading tools in altcoin base pairs.





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