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RedFOX Labs: why using blockchain components of Komodo to accelerate adoption is a win for everyone

RedFOX Labs is a start up that creates start ups. An incubator. They are seeking funding to bootstrap this incubation process. The funding drive comes from an IEO tomorrow - April...

In blockchain, komodo, cryptocurrency, redfox, Apr 11, 2019

CEO Dies – Cryptocurrency Wills & Conditional Payments

It goes without saying that the loss of a loved one is a very traumatic time.  May the family of the deceased find the time to embrace the grief and be allowed to heal without too muc...

In bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, komodo, smart-contracts, Feb 07, 2019

Fintech Projects Leaving Ethereum ERC20 for Komodo begins

The morning I drafted this post, I had a notification that someone clapped for a Medium comment I left about projects leaving ethereum and migrating to another system in the time that...

In blockchain, cryptocurrency, komodo, Feb 05, 2019

Energy efficient bitcoin security & Komodo dPoW

This short post is about energy efficient bitcoin miners seeking renewable energy as an economic solution. Komodo dPoW is explained briefly, which provides blockchain security and an ...

In bitcoin, blockchain, komodo, Jan 03, 2019

Komodo compared to Ethereum & ETH architecture problems

Lately I have seen more questions asked on what is Komodo compared to Ethereum?  Ethereum architecture problems are well known currently and the dev team is working on it – or has bee...

In blockchain, komodo, Dec 29, 2018

Taking cues from monero to improve Komodo documentation

When I first stumbled across Komodo in 2017, there wasn’t a lot of documentation, so referring to zCash and bitcoin docs was necessary.  These days the komodo documentation includes s...

In documentation, komodo, Dec 28, 2018

Genesis Framework For WordPress – Community Portal & Agency Collaboration

This is just a short post to test some of the layout with this new Agency Pro theme running on the Genesis Framework.   I am a recent convert, about 3 months – but haven’t had much ti...

In front-end, Dec 17, 2018

KVM routed network for new komodo feature testing

The new komodo features include testing Crypto Conditions (UTXO smart contracts), independent blockchain customization, a community news site and integrated discourse forum, and final...

In komodo, kvm, Aug 28, 2018

Pre alpha komodo utxo smart contracts notes

This is not even a blog post about Komodo’s UTXO Smart Contracts based on the IETF’s Crypto Conditions standard (which is currently in draft).  It’s just some notes on the path to wor...

In docker, komodo, Aug 22, 2018

Create a blockchain project – from zero to hero

This is a note for a future doc on howto create a blockchain project which can be expanded on later.

In blockchain, komodo, Jul 30, 2018