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Blockchain Security For dApps and Ecosystems

Komodo Blockchain Security comes from the technical innovation called delayed Proof-of-Work (dPoW).  This happens when the network is notarized to the bitcoin blockchain, which curren...

In blockchain, komodo, Jul 27, 2018

dApps in the d-economy – Decentralized Nurses

In the coming age of decentralization, programmable money and the d-economy, machine to machine services will trade their value autonomously and quickly.  What about people?  Curren...

In blockchain, komodo, Jul 07, 2018

DynamoDB to CSV in a couple of commands

DynamoDB to CSV is not as easy as it sounds – but can be crunched in a couple of commands.  During the Komodo blockchain scaling stuff we’re doing, in a simple scaled down run of abou...

In aws, serverless, Jun 14, 2018

Komodo Blockchain Scaling – 1 million tx per second – stats – prep etc.

Komodo blockchain scaling is a load test requiring a lot of resources, preparation, co-ordination and then statistics.  Any load test does.  My days at Omnium World were about seeing ...

In komodo, Jun 14, 2018

Build Komodo From Source

This is how you build Komodo on Ubuntu 16.04

In blockchain, komodo, May 10, 2018

Serverless AWS SES Email Address Policy

The advantages of serverless are sometimes taken away by all the configuration to make the thing work – securely.  But 3 hours today saves 100 hours throughout the year.

In aws, serverless, Apr 10, 2018

Passphrase and Password Strength Test

Looking for passphrase and password strength test libraries in javascript:

In front-end, Apr 09, 2018

VueJS websocket stuff

I started poking around the Komodo’s BarterDEX GUI source code a couple of weeks ago before running into some unexpected work in fiat world as well as some Komodo notary node setup on...

In front-end, vue, Apr 02, 2018

Blockchain Alternatives: Tangle & DAG – pieces of shit?

DAG is not a piece of shit.  It’s a data structure used in genealogy/family trees.  Software tools we use to write software uses DAGs – useful.  However…as a blockchain alternative fr...

In cryptocurrency, Mar 13, 2018

What is Crypto? Where to start in crypto

What is Crypto?  It is not so simple to answer – it is like asking, “what is life?” or “what is fun?” or “what is scary?” – it is different things to different people.  There are fact...

In bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency, komodo, ripple xrp, stellar xlm, Feb 24, 2018