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Komodo Native Mode – Saving Time Moving Blockchain Data

After my first install off Agama, I fiddled around and decided to delete KMD in SPV Mode, it wasn’t really what I wanted.  Komodo Native Mode is the full blockchain experience, total ...

In blockchain, komodo, Feb 05, 2018

Community Based Internet Access using Cryptocurrency

One of many projects that exist but don’t get the attention of the wider population is community based internet access using cryptocurrency.  A colleague on the komodo team referred m...

In cryptocurrency, systems, Jan 04, 2018

VueJS Wallet and faucet investigation for bitcoin-ethereum-zcash

A lot of cryptocurrency projects are using ReactJS for their wallets but I went for a quick look around for how I would get started with a Vue Cryptocurrency Wallet.  Looking around t...

In blockchain, front-end, Jan 01, 2018

Notarising blockchains – Westpac bank blockchain software example

Notarising blockchains is an innovation from the komodo platform.  In a few words, it mitigates hacking attempts on the blockchain’s history.

In blockchain, komodo, Dec 28, 2017

Accessing XVG Project & Verge Community

I am not involved with the XVG Project, but it’s mooning in December 2017 has been impressive with a 40x increase.    The market is (nonsensical) crazy, I think XVG is the biggest pum...

In cryptocurrency, Dec 23, 2017

Update Agama Wallet – Uninstall and Reinstall

To update Agama Wallet and not lose the zcash params or the downloaded blockchain, you first uninstall Agama.  This process is done through the “Installer App” as if you were installi...

In blockchain, front-end, komodo, Dec 21, 2017

DEX Altcoin Trading Base Pair To Bitcoin & Others

When using a DEX altcoin trading platform or dApp, conversion from altcoin to bitcoin or fiat can be error prone. A simple table of your favourite trading pairs or trading tuples make...

In bitcoin, komodo, Dec 19, 2017

First time GravCMS Developer

For an upcoming project I had to put my GravCMS Developer hat on and because I hadn’t used PHP recently on my dev virtual box was starting from nearly nothing.  It is easier to instal...

In front-end, systems, Dec 12, 2017

Copying Blockchain Data – Komodo Agama Wallet

Copying blockchain data will save download time every time – any blockchain. So it’s probably a good idea to know how to copy the relevant files and other stuff like LOCK files etc.

In blockchain, Dec 11, 2017

Agama FAQ – First Install, Updating & User Data

Installing Agama FAQs? Didn’t look – too bleeding edge perhaps I don’t think they exist yet (edit:  I found the Agama FAQ here!).  The first question is, where do you get it from?  Th...

In blockchain, Dec 06, 2017