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Komodod getinfo returns -28 error

I’m new to komodo and have had the server off for 2 weeks whilst working on other projects. I started komodod and when running the komodod-cli getinfo command receive an error code -2...

In blockchain, Dec 06, 2017

Smart Contract Developer Frameworks 2018

I flicked through this book on solidity, the ethereum blockchain’s smart contact language when it came out because I was interested what a smart contract developer would need to know....

In blockchain, front-end, Nov 23, 2017

Preparing a system to be a Komodo Platform Node on KVM

Komodo Platform? The first decentralised ICO (dICO) platform.  Intrigued, I read about it and then the dICO was postponed.  If there’s one thing Komodo Platform gets a lot of comments...

In bitcoin, blockchain, komodo, kvm, systems, Nov 14, 2017

Serverless Deploy to AWS – simple naming convention

Serverless deploy and remove commands to keep things tidy and using and stages for separating API versioning (when you’re getting into some inelegant developer experiences with mixing...

In aws, serverless, systems, vue, Nov 10, 2017

2018 cPanel vs Plesk for experienced linux users

The tl;dr; version of this cPanel vs Plesk winner is, Plesk.  I have no affiliation (but I’m going to send them this blog), just a happy convert to easy wordpress site management.  I ...

In plesk, systems, Nov 10, 2017

PWA in CMS enhance user engagement

My quick exploration of progressive web apps (PWA), was triggered by the user engagement stats from the PWA.

In pwa, Oct 31, 2017

Vue app development 2018 watchlist

Mobile app development hasn’t been incredibly exciting for a couple of years, but to streamline the suite of software for a project, using the same language and frameworks allows our ...

In vue, Oct 30, 2017


Hi! My KMD Address for donations is: RWzqTpKuDDFE5GnUgd3u7NPZ1mvrNuAoVg

In pwa, Oct 30, 2017

Building Ripple Servers

Some info related to building XRP validation nodes

In blockchain, ripple xrp, Oct 30, 2017

Stellar blockchain network architecture

Something to look at, install etc.

In blockchain, stellar xlm, Oct 30, 2017