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Smart Contract Developer Frameworks 2018

Follow Nov 23, 2017 · 1 min read
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I flicked through this book on solidity, the ethereum blockchain’s smart contact language when it came out because I was interested what a smart contract developer would need to know.  It is very similar to javascript – if you’re a front end developer – do a few tutorials and you’re good to start being very dangerous!

There’s been a couple of huge fails in 2017 (google for a couple of multi million dollar bugs) for the parity framework which I had a look at to write some dApp testing.  It’s quite easy to get going.  But I’m giving it a miss…

Frameworks and Tutorials

For the smart contract developer within our organisation, we’ve decided to look at truffle framework and open zeppelin.

Here are a couple of blog posts to get familiar:

Smart Contract Developer Komodo Platform?

The keen smart contract developer will have to wait a while for the Komodo Platform to introduce smart contracts as they focus on stability of their user facing wallets in readiness for the first dICO by Monaize.  The MNZ token holds tremendous possibilities for business services and smart contract development as partners form a network/ecosystem of business services.

Komodo Smart Contracts and Monaize

Komodo’s asset chains (alt-coins on Komodo Platform, optionally secured by Bitcoin network), which are likely to be used by complementary MNZ business service partners, will be the primary beneficiaries of the smart contract additions – as will any other asset chain that is deployed on the Komodo Platform.

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