Vue app development 2018 watchlist

Follow Oct 30, 2017 · 1 min read
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Mobile app development hasn’t been incredibly exciting for a couple of years, but to streamline the suite of software for a project, using the same language and frameworks allows our skills to translate to multiple platforms.

The popular choices for whipping an mvp together already are:

  • Vue with cordova/adobe-phonegap (for hybrid apps)
  • Vue with onsen-ui (with cordova/adobe-phonegap)
  • Vue with quasar

Next year may well be the year of the web component!  As popular as react is, web components go back a decade.  My first exposure to their power was with Apache Tapestry, a java web component framework.  It was a pleasure to develop in but the learning curve was steep.  Web component frameworks didn’t appeal much to me until I discovered Vue.  In my eyes it is the closest (and better) developer experience I had with tapestry in 2008.

2018 Vue App Watchlist



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