Vue Loading Screen Options For Long Load Time Apps

Follow Oct 30, 2017 · 1 min read
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I’m working on a couple too many scratch projects in 2017 but this is coming in handy as i deal with iframes and cloud authentication , the AWS js load times are poor (on first load) when bundling, an optimisation task next time around.

it led me to search for some stop-gap measures during development.

#1 vue-loading-screen

First hit was vue-loading screen at github.

It’s cool for making ajax requests.

vue-init webpack loading #yeah bad name for a scratch project
cd loading
npm install
npm install --save vue-loading-screen
npm run dev


#2 Toggle Loading Component

Nicely presented at codepen.


#3 Change iframe content

This was a slight detour, but waiting for npm install i was thinking how to integrate the slow loading into an iframe (as you do), for when the app is framed in another site.

Finding this on jsfiddle then opens a fountain of possibilities.  Reminds me of RSK from an online discussion on chains (shout out to fish the beach bum investor), i.e. trying to get two vue apps exchanging data via iframe (like bitcoin to ethereum).  Something for dtt


That quick 2 minute search, test and peruse yielded this blog post.  Plenty more out there, but it saves me forking yet another repo in my github 😀

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