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VueJS Wallet and faucet investigation for bitcoin-ethereum-zcash

Follow Jan 01, 2018 · 1 min read
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A lot of cryptocurrency projects are using ReactJS for their wallets but I went for a quick look around for how I would get started with a Vue Cryptocurrency Wallet.  Looking around to see how much code re-use I can get out of a VueJS Faucet for Komodo and a VueJS Wallet for Komodo.

A faucet leaks coins at a very slow drip rate into a wallet.  So using Vue for form input is trivial.  The backend would need to communicate with the cryptocurrency daemon running in order to send a small amount of coins to the wallet.

A crypto wallet is simply needed to create, view, send and receive funds.  Either talking to a full node daemon or an electrum server for a lite mode (SPV, simple payment verification) for lightweight use.

I will try and bang out as much functionality as possible with little effort to learn a bit more of what I will have to do more of in the future!

So just an initial browse around github to test which pathway to take for development.

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